Main Products

Main Products

Organic Bee Pollen /Wholesale Bulk Mixed Rape Pollen for Bee Feed / Bee Pollen for Bee Feed with Lower Price
Pollen is the reproductive cell produced by the anther of the male organ of a pl
New Listing Bulk Bee Propolis Extract Health Care and Beauty Products Using Natural Pure Propolis with Factory Price
Bees make propolis, which they use to glue the materials of their hives( toget
8 Frame Electric Motor Stainless Steel Honey Extractor for Sale
There are two kinds of honey extractor,  manual and electrical Material : S
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2023-09-14 Recall the eventful years, remain true to our original aspiration. On August 2, the Veterans Affairs Bureau of Changge City joined hands with Henan Zhuoyu Garaden Bee Products Co., Ltd. to carry out the activities of condoling veterans, and pay high respect and greetings to the local demobilized soldiers who joined the army before liberation or participated in the war to fight US aggression and aid Korea.
2023-02-15 Changge, Feb. 14 -- A Bee Study Tour from Jiangxi Province comes to visit the local bee industry. As the leading producer of bee products in this region, Henan Zhuoyu Garaden Bee Products Co., Ltd. extends a warm welcome and a thorough reception to these guests coming from afar.
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Henan Zhuoyu Bee Industry Co., Ltd is established in 1986, located in the biggest beekeeper base -- Changge city.

We mainly supply the bee products and the bee keeping equipments, such as the beeswax, bee pollen, propolis, honey extractor, beehive, foundation machine and others. We have the 10000 level GMP workshop, advanced products production line, perfect quality guarantee system, safety and modernization testing instrument equipment.

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